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Invitation to dance - summer school


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Richard Ramsey teaches on the Chelsea Ballet summer course(adults) and gives a lovely class and good pointers for technique.


I know his wife/partner is called Bethany but don't know if this Bethany is the same one!

If it is she is a great teacher too and very humorous. I did her contemporary class on the Summer School (but I know she teaches ballet too) and absolutely lived it.


This could be worth investigating definitely.

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Does anyone know the age range?  I couldn't see it on the website.

It says 15-20 on the website - it's on one of the moving photos on the Home page.

it looks very interesting. My DD is keen to have a go at some contemporary but not sure she wants a whole summer school of it, so somethig like this could be ideal, if I can figure out the logistics - shame it's not residential.

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Oh don't rush off to the opticians....just one of those things!!


I was so determined not to wear glasses before I was 50 that I was practically holding things at arms length before I gave in!!

I even bought some pinhole spectacles form a health show which amazingly did work but it took half an hour to read something that would normally take 10 mins so not much gain there!,


Back to Summer School I'm sending this one to friends in Oz .....they are looking for one for DD who will be 15 in March. Ive been looking for some for them in UK apart from the "big" ones. I know her DD would love to do Yorkshire Ballet one again but it's expensive when accomodation etc has to be taken into consideration.

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