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The making of pointe shoes

Sheila Beelam

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Hi everyone!

For those differing withdrawal symptoms due to the Christmas break from class, I thought you may like to see some photos and video from our recent tour of the Freed factory.




Interesting to see how much skill and work goes into completing a pair of pointe shoes.


I took the tour with some shoe makers and they couldn't believe that after all the work that's involved they retail for around £50, one lady guessed at least £150 a pair!


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Yes, Freed Studios are machine made. Freed Classics and variations thereof (Classic Pro, demi, 90 etc) are handmade and can be customised in many ways (elastic/cotton drawstrings, deeper vamp, lower sides, shank strength, slight variations in size and so on).


Also, the same type of shoe made by a different maker can be quite different in terms of platform pitch and strength and shoe fit, so if one maker doesn't suit your foot then chances are another will.

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