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how to strengthen box on pointe shoes????


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We use wood hardener (think it's called Cuprinol damp something or other... can look at the tin if you like).... it was recommended instead of shellac by a teacher.  Not sure it would be any cheaper than shellac though but DD thinks it does a better job.


Edited: just looked and it's actually Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener.... I'd say her feet smell like wet rot after most dance sessions so seems very fitting for the job!

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My DD uses shellac but we buy the flakes, put some in a glass jam jar and then add methylated spirits to dissolve them. Painting the shellac on the inside of the box has made a huge difference in extending the life of DD's pointe shoes.

We fortunately just found a local antique furniture restorer who was happy to give us a small jar of shellac flakes for free. He said it was his small way of supporting an artist!

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I need to strengthen my DD's pointe shoes before Monday! I have some questions:


How long does it take for Ronseal or Shellac to dry?


Can you buy Shellac in a high street chemist eg Boots or Superdrug?


Do you literally just 'paint' it onto the box itself (inside the shoe)?


Many Thanks.

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Not used shellac myself but I would have thought a DIY store like Homebase or B & Q might be your best bet. I believe that it does not take that long to dry but most products like that they suggest giving 24 hours before wearing the shoes. we've used jet glue in the past and just a very thin layer as you say painted inside onto the box. Good luck - hope you get the shoes done in time

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