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Bucharest National Opera (...and Ballet) in "La Fille mal gardee"

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La Fille mal gardee will have its premiere in Bucharest on Saturday 13th.


Cast of the premiere:


Lise - Alina Cojocaru


Colas - Robert Enache


Widow Simone - Johan Kobborg



Second show on the 14th:


Lise - Bianca Fota


Colas - Dawid Trzensimiech


Widow Simone - Călin Rădulescu



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They are doing a lot of things... :-)


Janet, I'm going but unfortunately only for the first night on the 13th.

I'd have loved to see also the second cast and have a little time to visit the town, but when I decided to go I was not given the following Monday off...now iIve been "forced" to be off the whole following week (year given days off to finish) but it's too expensive to change my travel plan :-(

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