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Eating near artsdepot, Finchley

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I'm going up to see the Mark Bruce Company in Dracula this week (tickets still available!), and wondered whether anyone had any suggestions for somewhere to eat beforehand (I don't do Indian etc.)?  I notice that there is a cafe at artsdepot, but it only seems to be open during the daytime, and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of eateries in the area.  I'd either like to eat somewhere near the theatre, or near a station from which I could get a direct bus.


Alternatively, I suppose I could go out for something at lunchtime and grab a snack in the evening ...

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Answering my own question: there's a Wetherspoons, a McDonald's, a Starbucks and a Costa in the vicinity.  The bar serves sandwiches, panini (major queue for the toaster), crisps and a range of sweet things.  artsdepot itself is on top of North Finchley bus station, to help you find it.

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