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Tring spring course worthwhile


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Hi Anneeliz, my DD went last year as well and enjoyed it - she wants to go this year again.

I think if depends on what's your (your DD) goal or expectations. If you are looking for lots of personal corrections, improving technique etc then you might be better off buying a few private ballet lessons with a very good teacher.

At Easter Tring course the classes are quiet big, at moments I thought too big for the size of the studios but the standard of teaching was high if a child could take a comment made to the whole class or other child to him or her self. The days are packed with dance lessons so they train a lot and for my DD it was good to take part in jazz, contemporary or musical theatre classes as she normally does just ballet. Apart from dancing it shows children how is it to be in a boarding school which I think is also very important. DD had a great time and made friends with girls she is hoping to see this Estar again. Hope it helps

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My DD loved it last year. I know of older children who went too and also loved it.

I haven't heard of anybody who's hasn't enjoyed it and learnt a lot

That's good as my GDD won a place on this course at the last festivals, I was going to ask about it, so lets hope it's as good in 2015.

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I hope I press the right buttons as I am new to this!Ha.  My DD (I assume that means daughter)! has applied for tring easter course 2015 but we haven't heard whether she has a confirmed place yet - should we hear soon and have an idea of what she will need - money came out of account as soon as we applied but I don't know if that means definate place as they could refund it I suppose if she doesn't get place?  She is 11 and not done a residential so much excitement at the thought!  Also does anyone know if she will do tap as it asked for tap grade on the form?  She is 12 in May and also hoping to have a go at contemporary but not sure what age as states 'older girls' on the application form?  Oh my goodness - have I asked too many questions..............?!

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Hi Shiningstar! Welcome to the forum. Yes I think that your DD (which I always thought means Dancing Daughter - hope I'm right!) has a place at the Easter course. Everybody with some dancing experience can apply and is accepted if places are available and From what I know the course isn't full yet. But you could always email them - they are always very helpful and quick with the replies.

My DD (also 11) will be there as well - she loved it last year. I think there will be no tap classes as last year not many children had experience so they decided not to do tap and I think its the same this year. Contemporary classes are for those in group C and above (but please correct me if I'm wrong!). Definitely no contemporary in group A and pretty sure no contemporary in group B. Children are allocated in groups by ballet level rather then age. Last year my DD was grade 4, just about to take the exam, and in group C.

If you have any more question please just ask. Feel free to send me a PM (private message) :-)

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