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DD's struggling with college


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Funnily enough I went to see her today; thanks for asking about her, (she is on multivitamins, iron, echinacea - fingers crossed)


We went away after Christmas & she flew home (by herself) last Saturday as college started on Monday; we followed on Monday after a mini second honeymoon (21yrs!) and popped in to visit her (& drop of her dirty clothes) on the drive home.


She has been fine all week but I promised I'd visit this weekend & do some sewing and organising for auditions and stuff


Which I duly did


She seems great, energised and ready to go with some interesting ideas about what to do if she doesn't get in this time round - this is the last chance for a lot of the older students but she could get some UCAS points and apply for a degree.  What to get the points in was always a big issue (catering? Childcare?) but possible stage management or something technical (as she had that great part-time job in the summer at our local theatre) - so I get to research again :rolleyes:

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