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What's the pointe?


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If this is in the wrong place, I apologize in advance and if the mods could change it that would be fab and if this has already been posted then feel free to delete it :)


Anyway, it's not dance related or anything I'm just curious on what people's views are of the types of pointe shoes that are out there, what is going on with Gamba and Reppetto pointes, why the bottom of my shoes (the bottom of the insole) are the first to come away and just why in the heck my fitter thinks Freeds are just not suitable for my feet whatsoever. She said I have no chance in hell of getting the heel of Freed's to stay on my feet. 


I've been hearing a lot of things about Gamba and Repetto pointe shoes being discontinued, I remember when I was getting re-fitted while I was in Edinburgh that I was put in Gamba's, especially after telling them I can't wear Bloch's because they do not follow the shape of my foot, and it was awful. I'm staring at him like, why? Repetto was the same and it just makes me wonder like, why are some pointe shoes like when most of the time they are all made the same. 


Thoughts anyone?

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I don't think that pointe shoes are all made the same - not even most of the time.


I always found quite a difference even within the same maker, style and cobbler.  In fact, I never found any two shoes made the same.  Every pair - and each one of the pair - felt and wore differently.


In addition to the shoes all being very different - my feet also changed.  The same pair of pointe shoes felt differently on the same day.  As did my feet.  As did my body.  The floor was different at different times of the day and my response to the music changed, too.


There is nothing more constant than change.

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