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Fallen Angels Dance Theatre - Live Streaming from ROH Clore on 18th November

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I have received this notification from Fallen Angels Dance Theatre:


"Help us spread the word of this one off event where people in recovery will be performing at the world renowned Royal Opera House, Covent Garden" You can watch the event live and its free."

Fallen Angels is a non discriminatory inclusive dance theatre company. We champion recovery from addiction by inspiring others through creating the highest quality arts. We create a safe environment for learning and exploration to nurture a journey of self discovery."







I have seen several Fallen Angels performances and sharing events over the last couple of years.  I have found them to be inspirational - not always easy to watch but definitely rewarding and humbling.  I am a great admirer of Paul Bayes Kitcher and the work he does.  I would urge everyone to watch this event if they can.



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