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Christmas/Winter Workshops


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I've found a couple:


ILDANCE & CHANTRY DANCE COMPANY http://www.chantrydancecompany.org/ildance--cdc-workshop.html


CHANTRY DANCE - Nutcracker Winter Workshop http://www.chantrydancecompany.org/nutcracker-winter-workshop.html


Watkins Dance - Professional Masterclass 15th December (couldn't find a link for this but the email is 'info@watkinsdance.co.uk'


I'm not sure about ages for any of them tbh, sorry



Are there any others?

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Lemongirl - best to email the contact on the website- they are then good at getting forms back to you. Its been open for applications a while now so could be filling up but deadline I think is 20 november. Age 13-17, two sessions , intermediate and advanced, £55 bit pricey but great experience. Also if you 'like' on facebook a good way to get info.

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My dd going badballerina, she also went last year so i think there is generally a mix of age. Dd last year had just done intermediate this year just done adv 1, now yr 11. Hope this helps! Just an informative pre audition session I think.

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I wouldn't worry about the standard of the others as Chaperone said. The purpose of the day is to give you an insight into what to expect if you audition for ENBS. Gives you chance to see the studios, have a class, meet some of staff and current student plus ask any questions. Just enjoy the day.

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