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John Lewis Christmas Ad. Monty The Penguin.

Lisa O`Brien

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Is the new John Lewis Christmas ad just one of the lovliest adverts on TV ever? I`ve just watched it for the second time,and for the second time I cried at the end. Now I hear that cuddly toys of Monty and Mabel,selling for £95 each,are sold out both in store and online due to overwhelming demand. Hats off to the advertising company that made the ad,whoever they are. Genius.

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Thanks for the tip - I hadn't seen the advert, but googled and found it.


It's an Adélie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) btw. I know very little about ballet, but quite a lot about birds, so can't resist the temptation to show off!


Actually this sort of penguin is rarely used in publicity - some other species more frequently - but the advertising company chose well. I think Adélies are especially cute.

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There was a feature about this advert (and similar) on Breakfast News this morning.  The feature compared the fuzzy warm approach with the hard sell of products approach of other companies.


Showing my age, I always remember the excitement surrounding some of the Woolies Christmas adverts and who would be starring in them!

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