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Ludovic Ondiviela: Cassandra, London, October 2014

John Mallinson

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"In Cassandra rising choreographic star Ludovic Ondiviela joins forces with singer songwriter Ana Silvera. Inspired by Wislawa Szymborska's poetry on the Ancient Greek myth of Cassandra, they explore the complexity and ambiguities of how madness is defined – and how it is treated in today's society."



Gary Avis, Mara Galeazzi. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr ©Dave Morgan

Olivia Cowley, Romany Pajdak. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr ©Dave Morgan

Olivia Cowley, Thomas Whitehead. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr ©Dave Morgan

More… Dave Morgan: Cassandra - 15 photos
Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr
By kind permission of the Royal Opera House


Discussion of this piece is here


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