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A friend of mine has asked me about CATs (Center for Advanced Training) funding. Does it cover schools such as Tring for children as young as 11? If so, can you apply for an MDS and also CATs?


I can't find any information with a list of accredited schools.


Many thanks :)

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I think she's getting a bit confused.


The MDS award is a means tested award that covers fees at one of the four full time vocational dance schools or one of the Centres for Advanced Training (CAT)


Each individual school/CAT auditions potential students & they offer the award. It's not a case of you get the award & choose where to go, they are not transferable between schools.

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Hi Picturesinthefirelight,


I must say that after reading the .gov website, I'm confused too. I understand how MDS works and which 4 schools it covers, but how does CATs work? Is it a separate funding option if her child is auditioning for Tring next year?

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A CAT is the collective name for the group of part time training centres, it isn't a funding award.


So a child auditions for their local CAT in the same way as they audition for a full time school.


If they are successful an MDS award may cover the fees. CATS are meant to be a training scheme for those who are either unsuccessful in getting a full time place but are still very talented or who don't want to go away to full time school.

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My DD went to Dance East CAT before starting at Central this September. Places are for students between 10 and 18 who aim to make dance their career. All successful applicants are put forward for the means tested bursary which can also cover travel costs and most uniform costs

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