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Dec/Jan intensive courses?


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Im interested to know if anyone's aware of ballet intensive courses run during the Xmas break??  Ive googled courses a few times and can only come up with loads of summer ones.  I want something for DD before the exams which will be in May time.  I know there will be a few Easter courses so perhaps Im looking a little early.


Ive asked for info from Tring and Wells but just wonder if anyone knows anywhere else I should look please.  She's doing grade 6 ballet and also Intermediate F.  It has to be longer than a day and we will have to travel to it from overseas so whilst I prefer UK we could go elsewhere.


Many thanks to anyone who has suggestions!



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Hi there, I still hope to be running one and am currently finalising venues. One venue I'd hoped to use has a minimum attendance of 50 so unless we can guarantee that I've had to find somewhere else!


When I have something confirmed I will post on the forum.

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