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I love Morwenna's clothes........


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We have been watching "Doc Martin" on DVD for the last several weeks and found it to be charming in so many ways.  A welcome departure from the rancid language and violence that passes for entertainment these days.


Clunes is a wonderful actor, able to show change of thought and mood - pique and pain - in the cast of  his eyes.  His blythe disregard for the norms of coventional conversation, reflects many times what one wishes one could say without all the blather in between.  


The views of small village life are flashbacks to images one might imagine one wishes for while sitting in a snarl of traffic in a big city.


I went to Google Earth and took a "walk" about Port isaac - a delightful walk it was.  The very narrow roads, I presume originally made for horse and cart, I remember from my grandmother's neighborhood.  The low doorways through which Martin always has to duck his tall body.  The twisting walkways, the small beloved gardens, small shops and beautiful land and seascapes.


And the "characters" - the officious - but benign - officer of the law, the flying giggling gaggle of girl teens - the small and large events in life.  And the sweet little dog.  The beautiful baby, James.  Martin cooking in full suit and tie.


I just love (most) of Morwenna's outfits - the lacy tops and colors - very much my style - especially the things she wears in her hair.  


One of my favorite scenes was on their honeymoon, whilst Louisa was rhapsodizing over the cottage, Martin was scraping doggie poo from his shoes with that "Doc Martin" look on his face.  Another was Martin taking baby James to the "socialization" gathering of infants and moms/mums - he being the only father present.  


I hope the series continues - Louisa and Martin have to come back together......


This is probably all old hat to you - but we just discovered the series this summer.

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I haven't watched since the last series but Martin Clunes is well known in the UK because before Doc Martin he was in a comedy series called "Men Behaving Badly" which was very funny and very popular here.


I have a friend though who is a doc Martin enthusiast and she and her husband "just had to go" to the village in Cornwall where it was filmed.....forgot name at present....and went on a walk in the pouring rain (it rained the whole day) and got drenched through trying to find shelter to eat their sandwiches!

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I think you are watching series 6 at the moment.  I used to enjoy it very much but I think I stopped watching a couple of series ago - but good news for you Anjuli is that a series 7 has been commissioned with filming due to start in 2015

 Yes, we've watched the entire series.  I hope I live long enough to see series 7!

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