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I asked DD how she was doing (10 days into her pre-voc course)


"I'm doing alright in Jazz" she replied "& I'm about average in Tap and Contemporary. I've got a cold so singing is a bit of a waste"


I said "How about Ballet?"


"I'm too busy concentrating and working to notice anyone else!" was the reply :PB)

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... but needs to work harder in Ballet just to keep up

Sounds like good news to me too. I didn't discern anything in her quotes that suggest she needs to work harder in ballet "just to keep up" (unless you know that from separate conversations with her).  Anyway, hard work and concentration go hand-in-hand with ballet training.  You can use a lot of RAM (as in computer memory) in ballet class so that it can be difficult to notice what others are doing.  It's good to know that she is capable of embracing strong values.

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