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Pavlova Day, 24th June, Ivy House (separate a.m./p.m. sessions)

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More interesting activities organised by Pavlova 2012/LJCC fusion: Morning and afternoon sessions can be booked separately (Full day: £40; morning only: £20; afternoon only: £25). The morning has a Cecchetti-style class taught by Anita Young with RBS students and a talk on Pavolova by Clement Crisp. In the afternoon, there's an Interlude of ballet music played by Philip Gammon. Then Tamara Rojo and Gerald Dowler will discuss 'Pavlova and the modern ballerina.'



(Won't be able to make this myself, but if anyone's interested in a rideshare with a friend from Manchester, returning right after the afternoon event, please drop me an email/PM - The public transport options aren't ideal.)



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Pavlova Day is one of the highlights of Pavlova 2012, which is celebrating the centenary of Anna Pavlova making Ivy House in north London her home. There are certainly many interesting events taking place in June at Ivy House and also in central London throughout the summer. As far as I know, many are close to being fully booked.


All the events can be found here:


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