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Invitation to Complimentary Dance Event Tonight

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Ivy House is transferring its dance events to a new venue: JW3  (341-351 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET).  As I'm on their mailing list I have received an invitation to a free event tonight but I can't go.  Is anybody else interested? 


The event is:

Silent Force – Gross Dance Company

GDC was founded in 2011 by Israeli-Dutch choreographer Sagi Gross and multidisciplinary artist Jeroen Fransen, and brings together former dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater, Royal Danish Ballet and others.


Please click here <http://www.jw3.org.uk/event/silent-force-gross-dance-company?pid=8904#.VCAH0U10zIU>  for details.

Just call the JW3 box office on 020 7433 8988 and quote MARKOVA for your free ticket.


Hope whoever goes enjoys it.



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From the Wilton's email


The stage is set and the performers are ready for Wilton's Strike! starting tomorrow night. Those of you unable to make in it person will be able to watch the performances online through ArtstreamingTV.com. Tune in from 7:30pm - 9pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday and join in the conversation using #Strike2014.

Each evening will feature the work of two different choreographers followed by a short Q&A. An overwhelming number of incredible proposals were submitted and the creative team whittled them down to six exceptional finalists. Over the three days of the festival we will be presenting six very different pieces of work, all based on the theme of metamorphosis.

We look forward to welcoming you (in person and online) to our first ever Wilton's Strike! Dance Festival.

Thursday 25th September:
7:30PM - 9PM, FREE

Ieva Kuniskis “He Lived Next Door”
Before leaving he said, ‘I want to give away all the spices, pearls and candles, starched shirts and embroidered white sheets, patent shoes and strokes of the clock; rip them out, pull them out, gift and give them away, so I can begin waiting for the next miracle.’

Jack Webb
“Inside Opulence”
Welcome to the show. Welcome to the inside of a particular opulence. Observe what becomes of three performers who mysteriously descend in to madness. Witness the unravelling of the performer and the descent from glory in to a hopeless and primal existence in which bodies and minds transform in a space  where mystery is created and where no one can be trusted. Especially you.

Friday 26th September:
7:30PM - 9PM, FREE

Elise Nuding “Shift, Spin, Warp, Twine”
Taking ropework practices as a starting point, this work follows one person’s quest to untangle the twisted fibres of her self, once and for all. But simplifying things can be complex; often, the more you try to untangle something, the more tangled it becomes. It’s a ropey business.

Jo Meredith in collaboration with Sean Bruno
“Please Wait Whilst We Try to Connect You…”
Text, dance and music interweave to explore how the rituals of human relationships are evolving and (d)evolving through our relationship with the
virtual world.

Saturday 27th September:
7:30PM - 9PM, FREE

Pell Ensemble with Lorenza Lo “K”
A journey from intimacy to isolation driven by mobile technologies and our need to communicate. “We expect more from technology and less from each other. We create technology to provide the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship.” -Sherry Turkle

Dane Hurst “Finding Freedom"
Inspired by the writings of Jarvis Jay Masters, in his book of the same name about a prisoner on death row, this piece looks at the complex ability we have to transform hopelessness, rage, isolation, frustration, fear and anger into something more positive and productive.

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