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IBStage Gala - Barcelona

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Well, this is a little belated, but we have not had internet access until today.


My dd took part in the IB Stage summer school in Barcelona for the last 3 weeks of August. It finished with 2 gala performances (each slightly different) with guests from various ballet companies.


I attended the second performance on 31st August, which was magnificent. The students performed a few classical and contemporary pieces including some repertoire from La Bayadere.


The guests performed as follows:

White Swan PdD Lucia Lacarra & Marlon Dino - this was beyond words!

Carmen - Isabelle Ciaravola & Stephane Bullion

Flames of Paris - Rebecca Storani (winner of last year's 'On stage with a principal dancer' award) with Vadim Muntagirov

Lady of the Camelias - Isabelle Ciaravola & Stephane Bullion

Black Swan PdD - Marianela Nunez & Federico Bonelli

La Bayadere - Nikya Variation - Xiomara Reyes

La Bayadere PdD Daria Klimintova & Vadim Muntagirov


I think my dd gained more from watching these dancers close up from the wings, than the entire 3 weeks of long days of class. She was particularly thrilled to see Daria K. dance because she was incredibly disappointed that she had her final performance with ENBS just 2 weeks before we moved to the UK and thought she would never see her dance on stage.


Coming from Australia, it was a real treat for us to see so many principal dancers in one show - an opportunity we have not had before. We were both utterly blown away by the beauty, grace and artistry of the performers.


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They were wonderful! But it wasn't 'again' for us :) It was a very much appreciated one and only time. We were able to speak with them afterwards (while waiting for the bus) and tell them both how thrilled we were. Very special :)

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Pastel, you will have the opportunity to see many wonderful dancers in all the UK companies as the distances in the UK are really quite short. Ballet performances don't have to be expensive; there are cheap and cheaper tickets at most of the theatres.

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Pastel, you will have the opportunity to see many wonderful dancers 


Sadly the opportunity to see the dancers mentioned from the Paris Opera Ballet (especially as they are senior artists and not hugely far from their enforced civil service retirement date) and those from the Bavarian State Ballet in London are very rare based on the experience of our local history.  You were most fortunate to see them in Barcelona.  I'm so pleased you and your DD had this positive experience.  I'm sure it can but effectively feed her studies.  

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Well, Daria can still be seen dancing. She is dancing with Friedemann Vogel (!) in a gala in Spain (Valencia?) later this month.


That's wonderful, Aileen.  Truly wonderful.  I so wish I had the where-with-all and time to nip over.  I would love to see them as I so admire both artists. The point I was trying - however feebly to make, however - and I'm sorry if this was not clear to you - was about local appearances (e.g, IN LONDON) for those company artists as referenced in my post no. 6.   

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