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Live Cinema Relay: Don Quixote - La Scala

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There is a live cinema relay of Don Quixote (Nureyev) from La Scala on 25th September starting at 7pm in some cinemas in Ireland. It stars Natalia Osipova and Leonid Sarafanov. 


Details of production here:  http://www.teatroallascala.org/en/season/opera-ballet/2013-2014/don-quixote.html






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The complete cast for DQ on 25 Sep is up on the La Scala web site: http://www.teatroallascala.org/en/season/opera-ballet/2013-2014/don-quixote.html



Don Quixote - Giuseppe Conte


Sancho Panza - Gianluca Schiavoni


Lorenzo - Matthew Endicott


Kitri/Dulcinea - Natalia Osipova


Basilio - Leonid Sarafanov


Gamache - Riccardo Massimi


Kitri's Two Friends -Lusymay Di Stefano, Denise Gazzo


Street Dancer - Vittoria Valerio


Espada - Christian Fagetti


Queen of the Dryads - Nicoletta Manni


Amore - Serena Sarnataro


A Gypsy - Antonino Sutera


Two Gypsies - Deborah Gismondi, Emanuela Montanari


King & Queen of the Gypsies - Luigi Saruggia, Caroline Westcombe


Fandango Soloists - Vittoria Valerio, Christian Fagetti


Bridesmaid - Virna Toppi

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