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Vasiliev on ice for a good cause ...

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.... or seemingly so.  Sadly I don't speak Russian .... (I only wish I did) ... so I couldn't even begin to shovel what he is saying into Google Translate.  In short I have found myself frozen out .... for good reason. 


So much for a British public school education, huh.   :(


His final fingers however speak what I believe has become a universal tongue.  

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Yet another Ice Bucket Challenge.  Hasn't this run its course by now?  It all seems to be getting a bit much.


If I can pinch a couple of sentences from Roger Federer's Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/Federer): "ALS is a tragic disease, and I hope that the social media attention from the Ice Bucket Challenge continues to bring more awareness and donation dollars to curing ALS. Funny videos are entertaining, and can be important to raise awareness, but a more important measure of impact is donating: http://www.alsa.org/"   (He did then go on to pass the challenge on to 3 of *his* friends, though!)


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Anyone who has ever witnessed the humiliation that ALS/MND carves into ALL and sundry in its wake will have already felt the sting of its ice; champagne bucket or no.  


Oh, I know: and the tennis community in particular has felt the "sting", which is why so many of them have got involved.  But I get the feeling (and I'm not attacking Vasiliev here) that many people are now using the challenge more as a social-media PR stunt than anything.

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