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Rare pointe shoe brands.

Lisa O`Brien

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Okay,I know this is a long shot. I was wondering if anyone knew how i could go about purchasing a pair of Rusbal Pointe Shoes? There is a Russian website called Petrushka that apparently used to sell them,but the site no longer exists. I`ve tried Ebay Russia,but to no avail. There was a pair on sale from a site in Australia a few months ago, but i missed out on them. I`m not worried about the size, as i just wanted a pair to collect. Cheers.! BTW, i`ve been on sites such as Pointe Shoe Brands, etc,but they seem to have difficulty finding them too.[Told you my question was a long shot.!]

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What about trying the website 'pointe shoe information exchange' , sorry don't know the actual address. They also have a forum 'ballet talk for dancers' which has a pointe shoe thread of it's own , there are some very knowledgeable pointe shoe fitters on there that may be able to help.

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