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Summer school in or around Washington


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Hi all, the title says it all... I'm looking for a Summer School for DD2 for next year in or around Washington, with an audition process and a good level. Any idea?

Thank you!

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I think the Kirov Academy in Washington has a summer school or rather summer intensive but perhaps CeliB knows more about this.


I have seen some videos of previous summer intensives on their website.

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can recommend Kirov as DS has done the SI twice (as well as being at the full time academy). he has enjoyed it immensely each time he has done it. The girls teachers have been consistent than the boys but there may be a few changes in the air- if you want to pm me once DS has been there for the new term for a bit I am sure he can give a good account of the faculty as it stands for the SI. I would say that Mme Dellas (AD) is really impressive - DS had one class with her just before the end of term and said it was the best class he had ever taken- so I think she really knows her stuff- the new boys teacher she has engaged is apparently astounding and I really trust her judgement.

any specific queries feel free to ask :)

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