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Ellison Ballet summer school


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Hi all,

Just thought whilst I had a moment I would post a brief review of Ellison Ballet SI. DS (almost 17) spent 6 weeks in New York at this SI; 4 weeks general plus 2 weeks Pas de deux intensive. Were it not that he has a new (internationally highly regarded) teacher at Kirov USA (his year round school) he would be lobbying to stay at Ellison. He worked amazingly hard and learnt huge amounts. Training is Vaganova based and there are lots of reviews on the USA version of this forum but I thought it worth putting one here for anyone in the UK who is interested in Vaganova training. I had never heard of Ellison but the AD at Kirov recommended it. DS couldn't be more complementary about quality of teaching. He also loved being in NYC (he partied with ABT dancers, made $30 busking in Times Square with his guitar, shared an open ballet class with Misty Copeland, spotted Daniel Radcliffe, James Franco and Jeff Bridges hanging out on the streets and had a generally all round fabulous time).

From a parental point of view the cost (even on a full scholarship) was eye watering- the hostel is self catering and although there is a little kitchen its the equivalent of buying your supplies in a Mayfair deli. I would say if you are from abroad it only suits older students as they are given pretty much free reign- DS has been independent abroad since age 14 so he had a ball but it wouldn't suit younger children or those away from home for the first time. But from the teaching point of view this SI is I think the best he has ever done.


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