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Ballet Workout Classes For Adult Women

Olivia H

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Hi, ballet based fitness classes seem to become quite a popular subject, especially for ladies:)


I've come across very captivating classes in London Kensington & Chelsea areas - Ballet Body Sculpture. Was initially attracted by a lovely video on their website. Great classes, something I was looking for a while, the concept for using mind & body connections seems very unique. Very professional training and lovely teachers, was pleasantly surprised that just after a few lessons my body feels toned and more flexible. Also, colleagues noticed improvement in my posture:) Has anyone else tried the classes? 

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Great ballet workout classes, I also tried them :) Was introduced through my colleague who goes there on a regular basis, so decided to give it a go too and absolutely loved it! Great fun, nice studios and very attentive teachers. It reminds me of my childhood dream to dance ballet:) At the same time it's so different from any other adult ballet class I ever attended, much more refined, focused on benefits and gains from the training. So well structured that I never felt in pain, just a pleasant tension, body tone... It is definitely my favourite way to keep fit. Can not wait to start it back after my holidays! I saw that they are starting online ballet workout classes too, great idea.  Now hopefully I will be able to stay fit through out the year... :)

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