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Ross McKim, Principal and AD of Rambert School Resigns

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The students were told a couple of weeks ago and although they will be extremely sad that he is to step down after one more year as Principal and AD , the news wouldn't have come as a massive shock. 


He is the most fantastic head and has made Rambert School a hotbed of creativity, excellent dance training and a place where students really do have the opportunity to develop as individual artists and to challenge themselves in many ways on a daily basis.


Ross is an absolute one off - so I'm sure it will indeed mean a new chapter for the school, though hopefully the originality, openness and nurturing atmosphere he has worked so hard to create will remain at the heart of the school.


He will be a hard act to follow - but hopefully whoever takes his place will continue the Rambert tradition along with new energy and exciting ideas so the school can continue to develop and flourish for many more years to come. 

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He certainly will be a hard act to follow - not only as a leader but because of the personal qualities he brings to his role.  DD feels very privileged to be able to have him for this one year, at least. 

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