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Moorland Summer School

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Dd is due to go here next week & I meant to email them to ask done questions but due to having an ear infection this last week never got around to it.


The details I've had are very sketchy. Does anyone know if they leave site at all (eg at Hammond School they go swimming/McDonalds one night for which they need pocket money. Not sure whether to send dd with money or not.


We have a drop off & pick up time. Do we not get to see anything at all on the final day as there is no mention of being able to watch anything?

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I don't think they go out anywhere , but you can check that on arrival . There will be a small. ' sharing ' of work on the Saturday afternoon , but I'm not sure what time . If you e mail them , they will reply - but they have only just returned from holiday . It will be a fabulous week - the teaching is excellent . My DS did the Easter course and is doing next week .

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I seem to remember last year they went on walks with the houseparents as the school is surrounded by lovely fields and woods , I would pack old trainers as dd went in her new ones and I had to take her another pair luckily we are only 30 mins away.

I would also pack a torch or a small lamp it is very dark , no street lights once lights out .

Maybe leave a small amount of pocket money just in case they go for ice cream or suchlike .

Hope she has a good week they are lovely very caring teachers .

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