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Push, Guillem / Maliphant , Coliseum

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A very packed auditorium for this and a standing ovation in the stalls for the performers at the end. These are billed as the last ever London performances of this programme. 


Running order / timings: Solo (Guillem), Shift (Maliphant), Two (Guillem).   The first section finished about ten past eight.  Push was after the interval, Ended about five past nine.

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I saw this the last time it was on at Sadler's Wells. I enjoyed the evening, sitting near the front Guillem was more or less right in front of me for 'Two', which I found mesmerising, particularly as the audience managed to keep quiet in the early stages. I think as each piece was so different, it didn't seem such a short programme, even though it was. Not as short as some though!

Lynette, what did you think of it?

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