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Jacques d'Amboise is 80 years young today!!

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and this fantasia of a clip - entirely fitting whilst the month is still July - was filmed over 50 years ago ... and LIVE .... on A CONCRETE FLOOR NO LESS.  (You wouldn't see that today .... and just look at the precision of that brief segment of the male ensemble at the end .... and in boots as opposed to character shoes built as such.  Today's Mariinsky might well easily move over in admiration.)




Jacques D'Amboise (with as ever a defining wink of originality) is a celebration in and of himself for the art of ballet and has literally inspired generations of American children to dance through the National Dance Institute.  His skill in partnering stands ennobled even now.  


Many happy returns, sir, from a world of appreciative balletomanes. 

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Just a brief note about the clip above - the reason for the black on the bottoms of the magnificent Ms. Hayden's pointe shoes is entirely due to the reality of the concrete beneath.  I wonder that one pair survived this one movement ... under the circumstances.  

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I have great admiration for Jaques D'Amboise. As you say Anjuli, not only was he a wonderful dancer, but also such an inspiration for so many children through his outreach activities. Unique. Happy Birthday !

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