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For sale: Gaynor Minden pointe shoes


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Okay so it turns out that my GM Luxe shoes are too hard for me and my Extra flex ones are too wide and now also too hard even though they are fab and so comfortable.So I need a new pair but alas I do not have the funds and so I am, reluctantly, selling these ones.


There are two pairs, both with elastic and ribbon attached however I may remove the ribbon and elastic from one pair for my new ones. It depends how much they go for.


  • GM Luxe, hard shank, HH, DV, 9.5M/4 (these came from GM themselves and have been worn once, they have no suede tip but I have ordered them. This is the size I actually am according to GM fitters)
  • GM Extra flex, HH, DV 9.5W/4. These are really well worn but still plenty of life, they are amazing but the satin is beginning to fray at the bottom but it's not really noticeable.

As I said I don't know how much to sell these for. My Extra flex are well worn but my Luxe shoes have only been worn once. I would attach images if I knew how to upload them. The Luxe shoes have that anti-crease satin and bloody hell it is amazing. 


Thanks in advance. 

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