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English youth ballet - 2015 dates


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They did Leamington 4 years ago, The practices were at Warwick

My dd just completed Nottingham yesterday and its confirmed 2016 back to Nottingham. I'm sure we will here soon the next places 

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Oh no, I'm gutted. Nothing within a couple of hours drive for us again, and DD is running out of time as she will be 17 next year. I would love to know how they decide where to go, as to an outside observer it seems a bit random. A few years ago, they did Southport and Preston in the same season, and they are only about half an hour's drive apart. (Quite a few girls my DD knows did both.) This year they were in Stockport and next year are going to Buxton - again, 2 towns very close together - but then other areas will go for years with nothing at all. I'm sure there must be reasons, but it's very frustrating.

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SOUTHSEA - Sleeping Beauty - Audition 3 November - Performances 6-7 March


AYLESBURY - Swan Lake - Audition 18 November - Performances 24-25 April


SOUTHEND - Coppelia - Audition 1 February - Performances 21-22 August


SHREWSBURY - Swan Lake - Audition 9 March - Performances 10-11 July


STOKE - Swan Lake - Audition - 1 May - Performances 18-19 September


BRADFORD - Giselle - Audition TBC - Performances 5-6 June


STEVENAGE - Sleeping Beauty - Audition TBC - Performances 16-17 October


BUXTON - Nutcracker - Audition TBC - Performances 13-14 November

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