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New stretch split-sole pointe shoes from Bloch


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I asked the same question on the Capezio Facebook page a while ago and this is the response I received;

“I heard that some shoes suit a more "high profile" or "low profile" foot. What does this mean? How do I know whether my foot is high or low profile?”


"the profile of a pointe shoe is the depth from the drawstring to the shank (internal space). If there is a space between your foot and the top of the pointe shoe at the drawstring, the profile of the shoe is too high for you. A profile can be lowered by flattening the top of the pointe shoe box by hand. Use your palm not thumbs as that may crack the box."


Hope that helps answer your question, Miracle :) x

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My DD tried them on just for fun really, no good for her as she would break them in 5 minutes and was falling out the front no matter how well she pulled up. The lady in the shop had sold two pairs, both to older girls (18+) who still wanted to try and do pointe but only on a recreational basis. Neither girls had success in the past getting up and over their shoes properly but these apparently made pointe possible for them!

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Quick update: my friend tried her shoes out in class today and really likes them. Apparently they have some padding built into the box which she likes.


Dance-wise she says they feel OK so far mostly doing barre stuff, she can definitely get over them well and balance seems pretty good. They fit like a glove and she doesn't think they'll need much breaking in. The box itself isn't too hard but has a lot of support. News yet to come on how long they last!


Sounds like they might be OK for those of us with feet/ankles that only just allow for pointework and don't break shoes...

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My daughter bought a pair of these. They look beautiful on her feet but she says that she found them to throw her off balance? She is going to give them a couple more goes and if they don't work out then she will put it down to a poor choice.

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