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Fun ballet survey! Please go check it out :)


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Hello ballet friends and teachers from all around the world!


I am a ballerina from Indonesia and I really hope you can hear me out for a minute.


I go to an IB school and I have to write 4000 word essay about this topic that I made:


"The Effect of Nutrition Balance Towards Ballet Dancers"


I would be very happy if you guys read and answer the questions carefully because this is really important to me. My essay will be sent to the IB which is in Cardiff, UK. And I need to know all the ballerinas in all over the world to see how they are doing. It will only take you about 10-15 minutes to answer all the questions on this website below :)




I'm definitely looking forward on how this is going to turn out in the end. 


I really appreciate your time for those who have answered those questions on the website! It really means a lot to me!


I hope I didn't disturb you guys at this time. 


If you have answered them already, please comment down below and say "done" :)


Thank you very much! 


Hope you had a great day today :)





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Hi, I tried to answer for my DD but she's never hurt herself and the survey is forcing me to chose where she did! You have to fix it or people like her won't be able to fill it...


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