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Royal Ballet School Summer Show 2014

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Just wondering if anyone else had been to see any of these last week?


We went on Saturday evening (and enjoyed dinner at Sofra beforehand - lovely!). I thought it was mostly excellent, although it seemed to be very much the older students. Maybe one has to go to matinees to see the younger ones (my daughters were hoping to have seen one or two dancers they knew, but it wasn't to be).


Really liked a modern piece, although my wife's thrown the programme out, so I'm not quite sure what it was - I think it was called Concordance? Also, some young guy called Calvin did a wonderful dying swan. Our seats weren't that great (in the Upper Gallery Right), but being so close to the stage makes a nice change from upstairs...


A couple of slightly odd things:

- The (prerecorded) music sounded OK, but the endings were very abrupt - and that spoiled the ambience. Rather amateurish, I thought!

- I heard a few beeps that I presume were of the audience (friends and family, I guess) filming the performance. Do they not create a DVD like most ballet schools do? ;-)

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