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That`s great. I always remember the first time I did mine fully. Think I was 11. It was the weekend and I had been practicing like mad. Was even trying to "get down" right up until bedtime. But I didn`t want to go to sleep,so I got up and started again in my bedroom. I remember shreiking  "I`ve done it", to my mum at the top of my lungs on my new achievement. It was, by then about one thirty in the morning. My mum`s response,and I remember it so well was, "Well done, now get to bed.!" Some things you always remember.

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That's great news. I did Lisa Howell's training when she came to UK and it was fascinating. I have used it with adults and adolescents who seem to have benefitted. Once your daughter can work out which areas result in greatest changes in flexibilty you do not have to do the whole program to get results.

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