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Royal Ballet School Contracts 2014

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From the list in the Linbury performances programme:


Reece Clarke                           The Royal Ballet

Calvin Richardson                  The Royal Ballet

Gina Storm-Jensen                  The Royal Ballet

Grace Blundell                        The Royal Ballet Young Dancer Programme

Grace Horler                           The Royal Ballet Young Dancer  Programme

Alexander Bird                       Birmingham Royal Ballet

Edivaldo Souza da Silva         Birmingham Royal Ballet

Maud-Hélène Treille               Bavarian State Ballet, Munich

Adam Russell-Jones                Stuttgart Ballet

Drew Nelson                           Royal Danish Ballet

Samuel Rees                `           Royal Danish Ballet

Mica Bradbury                        Royal Ballet of Flanders

Fiona McGee                          Royal Ballet of Flanders

Minoru Kaneko                       Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse

Madeleine Dowdney              Zürich Ballet

Kieran Brooks                         Zürich Ballet

Giordana Gallo                       National Romanian Ballet

Alessandro Audisio                National Romanian Ballet

Ross McCaw                           National Romanian Ballet

Barnaby Rook Bishop             National Romanian Ballet

Giorgio Garrett                       National Ballet of Canada

Hannah Bettes (2nd Yr)           Boston Ballet

Samuel Zaldivar                      Boston Ballet

Lily Howes                             Sarasota Ballet

Barny Sharratt                         Sarasota Ballet

Erin Holloway                         National Ballet of Uruguay   

Dianyu Wu                              Singapore Dance Theatre


Apologies for the format.  I've pasted it in from a Word document but the spacing seems to have gone awry!

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It might help if I paste in the relevant section of the Promotions, Joiners and Leavers press release as it relates to this contract thread:


"The Royal Ballet welcomes five dancers to the Company for the 2014/15 Season as part of the new Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme. The programme provides an opportunity for up to six recently graduated dancers to receive a year’s contract to work alongside the corps de ballet of The Royal Ballet.  In addition the dancers will be offered mentoring and coaching and have the opportunity to perform with the Company. This year’s Aud Jebsen Young Dancers are Grace Blundell and Grace Horler, both from The Royal Ballet School, Ashley Scott and Ashleigh McKimmie from English National Ballet School and Maria Barroso from Semperoper Ballet, Dresden."

Edited by Bluebird
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Interesting and encouraging to see that Johan Kobborg is taking four into his National Romanian Ballet.

If it's not too personal a question, is Edivaldo Souza da Silva a relative of English National Ballet's splendid Junor Souza?

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