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That wonderful company The Nederlands Danse Theatre 1 are in residence at the Sadlers Wells Theatre until Friday. Two works by Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot. Here are some pictures to encourage you to go.


Silas Henriksen. Medhi Walerski and Parvaneh Scharafali in Sehnsucht 




Jorge Nozal and Ema Yuasa in Schmetterling 
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I went last night and really enjoyed it. Can't say that I could always figure out what it was about, but it definitely kept my interest throughout.


Loved the music choices for the second piece, practically all my favourites off Magnetic Fields '69 Love Songs'.


There is one dancer on stage throughout the break, so if you leave the auditorium for the intermission, you might want to come back a few minutes before the start to get a little bit of the intermission action

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