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I've finally done it :)


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I start Appa-NI on the 17th September, registered today and got to look around the place. The ladies were so lovely.


I'll be starting with Pilates first and maybe have a Dane class on the side and next year I start ballet completely with Pilates on the side.


The only thing that is going to be an issue is,like everyone else, is money. Travel up and down is going to cost a fortune but I can stay at my boyfriends in the evenings. I've applied to Student finance NI for help but don't think I'm going to get any.


There are still a few things I'm confused about but I'll get it sorted all in due time. Hopefully.


But on the plus side I'm going to be dancing again, all is not lost.

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I am so pleased that you are able to continue with your dancing CharlieChuck. Do let us no how your getting on from time to time. I have visted APPA NI and was very impressed. The dance studio is amazing. One of the best i have ever

seen and the standard of teaching under the guidandce of Sarah Durrant will undoubedly be of a very high standard.

Good luck.

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