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Ballet at Hatch House, Dorset, 18/19July - Daria Klimentova, Mara Galeazzi and others

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Hopeless... having been given a poster yesterday afternoon, which I tweet about and use in my posting above, I then get told its old and needs to be replaced.

You can see the latest poster in this tweet by Garry Avis:

Hopefully the new poster is below


I'd repeat again that the site with details on, which may or may not be updated, is:

That's it - I'm done.

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There's no detailed venue address on their website (way to get visitors, Covent Garden Dance!) but Google gives the location as West Hatch, Tisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 6PA.  Pity, I was thinking a weekend in Dorset would be rather nice.

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There are some nice pictures of the venue and the dancers (relaxing not dancing) on Gary, Esteban and Jenna's Twitter timelines and, yes, Elena is there. There's a gorgeous picture of Esteban, Nancy and Jenna together. Does anyone know who the other two dancers are?

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