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Kidsweek in the West End - Workshops

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Just wondered if anyone had booked any Kidsweek workshops.


In previous years dd has had a backstage tour if The Railway Children, Legally Blonde Whippef Into Shape skipping workshop & Les Mis rehearsal techniques.


This year we are going to watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory & Billy Elliot & dd is doing a 'Ballet with Billy' workshop.

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Sadly not this year (no money!). We went to Top Hat and A Chorus Line last year, and ds did the Chorus Line workshop.


My experience is that you need to be logged on ready to book workshops when booking opens, as they go so quickly (especially the Billy ones - so congrats on your dd's!).

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Top Hat (Tap workshop) DD & me

Thriller (Thriller workshop) DD & her dad

Lion King DD & her grandad

Once DD, DH, Me & a friend




Tescos vouchers paid for nearly all of them - so 10 tickets cost me just £70!

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