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Royal Ballet SS forms


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Just been sent quite a thick envelope of forms and information from The Royal to be filled in for their SS. I don't think for any other SS there have been nearly as much paper work to go through. Prague because they are 14 yrs and above is just a letter of recommendation from school principle, photographs and one excepted a form. There must be a reason for all this paper work though, so who am I to question?

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I wish we were in your position Tulip ;)

Congrats to your dd for gaining a place this year........ My dd on the wait list again !!!!! Although my dd is for lower school.

You can garauntee if I send money for another SS a place will come up.

I'd offer to pitch up at tent in Richmond Park if I thought it would get her a place lol ;)

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There are students getting places from the waiting list Hairbelles, mine got an offer last year in the week before the start date of the SS, but it clashed with Prague SS. There are lots of fantastic summer school out there and with hind sight, if you have the money, try some international ones.

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