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New English Ballet Theatre - Tryst: Devotion And Betrayal - 40% off

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Thanks Lynette.


That's the second time this has happened. I honestly don't know what it is with me posting links on here. The original link I had was from an email, so I figured that what had happened last time was the link was specific to me. This time, though, I Googled it, found the page and copied the link directly from the address bar. It's a complete mystery. *scratches head* 


Let me try again:




Well, that seems to work. Oh well. :)

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Time Out are offering a 40% discount for this performance by Orbital Motion, choreographed by RB's Valentino Zucchetti, plus a work by 'rising star' Andrew McNicol. spacer.gif £25 tickets now £15.  See uk.timeout.com


From July 3rd to 5th (4 performances) but tickets must be ordered by June 22nd to use the discount.


Edited to add dates.

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