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La Scala 2014-15 season

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  x.pngNacho DuatoThe Nutcracker Dec. 2014:  18, 19 (2 perf.), 28, 30, 31

Jan. 2015:  4, 10, 18

On sale from 09-10-14, 9amFind out more x.pngIn den Winden im NichtsCello Suites (Spoerli) Mar. 2015:  5, 6, 7 (2 perf.), 8, 10, 19 (2 perf.)

On sale from 07-01-15, 9amFind out more x.pngShow of the Ballet School of La Scala's Academy Mar. 2015:  25 (2 perf.)

On sale from 22-01-15, 9amFind out more x.pngJean Coralli - Jules PerrotGiselle Apr. 2015:  2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16 (2 perf.), 17, 18

On sale from 29-01-15, 9amFind out more x.pngUgo Dell'AraExcelsior Jul. 2015:  11, 13, 15, 16, 18 (2 perf.), 21, 22, 25

On sale from 07-05-15, 9amFind out more x.pngAlexei RatmanskyThe Sleeping Beauty Sep. 2015:  26, 29, 30 (2 perf.)

Oct. 2015:  5, 7, 20, 22, 23

On sale from 05-08-15, 9amFind out more x.pngClosing ballet show of Expo 2015Gala des Étoiles Oct. 2015:  30

On sale from 13-08-15, 9amFind out more x.pngManon Nov. 2015:  12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 (2 perf.)

On sale from 10-09-15, 9am   presumably the Sleeping Beauty is a co-production with ABT, who had already announced a new Ratmansky Beauty for their 2015 season.

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Thanks, Katharine.  


It is interesting to see that (so far) Ivan Vasiliev who has guested so much with this company during their past two seasons is not on the Le Scala roster at all whereas Osipova is scheduled to dance both Giselle and Manon aside David Hallberg (who has publicly said that he left the brunt of his principal ABT responsibilities for the Bolshoi in order that he might have a chance to dance more frequently with Osipova - immediately prior, of course, to O/V absconding for further fields.).  Lovely also to find that the vividly talented Maria Eichwald has such a prominent La Scala guesting profile in 2014/15.  

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Finally La Scala theatre has published the calendar of the 2014-15 season for ballet. Bolle Eichwald Osipova Zakharova Hallberg, big names....


But what a surprise to see that the étoile scaligera Massimo Murru has been relegated to a quite decorative role, just during the closing Gala for the Expo.


Perhaps the introverted and shy temper of Murru did not opposite the decisions of the Ballet direction, so petty and unjustified.

This will never be known, the only real point  is that people like me who appreciates the art of this fabulous dancer, will be forced to emigrate to other countries to see the pathos and the heart that he puts in all its interpretations.


Abroad he is considered a great star, admired and appreciated, while this does not happen at La Scala, where the Ballet Direction treats him as "son of a lesser God."


Let me point out that rumours regarding his possible retirement published on this forum one year ago are not true at all.  He will dance R&J with Nunez in October and this is not supposed to be his last performance as somebody here told. No official sources are behind these rumours. 

The real point is an unfair treatment by his theater, especially in these last years.

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Perhaps it may be of interest to UK balletomanes to note that the casting for the Nureyev Don Chisciotte (a/k/a Don Q) at Milan's La Scala has been altered.  NOW ENB's rightfully admired AD, Tamara Rojo, will dance for three performances with Ivan Vasiliev (who it has been rumoured will guest - along with Alban Lendorf - in ENB's January 2015 two week stint of Derek Deane's SL at the Coliseum) and the RB principal Natalia Osipova will now dance for three performances with her old Mariinsky sparring partner, that dancer's dancer, Leonid Sarafanov.  Also of local interest to note that the production is being mounted by the former ENB staff member, Mania Gielgud. Tickets are currently available for all performances.  


Details of the alterations can be found here:  http://www.gramilano.com/2014/07/partner-swapping-la-scala-osipovasarafanov-rojovasiliev-zakharovamatvienko/  and the electronic booking form can be attained from the La Scala production's front page:  http://www.teatroallascala.org/en/season/opera-ballet/2013-2014/don-chisciotte.html

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