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Giant bee!


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The next time I'm at work and get a text from dd saying "Help! There's a MASSIVE bee in the house and I'm hiding in my room!!!!!!" I'll be more inclined to believe her...


The bee in question was still there when I got home over an hour later (and dd was still hiding in her room). She was right. It was the most enormous bee I've ever come cross. We've got quite a bee-friendly garden but I've never seen anything like it. However, I managed to trap it and let it go outside eventually.


If anyone knows a beekeeper or an insect expert, I'd love to know what type it was. 


Black, and about 4 cm long, about double the size of a normal bumble bee. I got quite a good look at it, and searched in my British insects book to try and identify it. It wasn't in the book so maybe it was a continental visitor.


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Our garden is very bee friendly too and this year Ive never seen so many bees mainly of the bumble type but we've been trying to get mason bees going for a while (early for fruit pollination) ......luckily they are tiny......and this year we've had loads.


I'm not usually bothered by bees but I must admit I might be a bit wary of the bee in the picture though!!

Well done taxi for getting it out of the house!!


I think these killer bees are technically hornets but don't ask me the difference am not sure.


The size of the one you saw Taxi suggests it could have been a queen looking for somewhere cosy to set up a nest!!!

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Ian, not that one I think, it was a lot bigger and had a longer body.


John, you could be right as it was hornet-shaped and fairly aggressive, although that could have been due to it being trapped in my net curtains for an hour!. I wish I'd taken a photo of it now.

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