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16+ ballet associates


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This query has come up a couple of times recently and I think we have established that for classical ballet London Senior Ballet  and Tring CBA take up to 18.  Possibly Ballet Cymru too but I can't get to their webpage at the mo'.

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Definitely take a look at the Stinson Stage Academy Associate programme, they offer a Musical Theatre and Classical Ballet Course.  It is very different to other programmes that we have experience of and they will accept 16+.  The team are all professionals who have a wealth of experience and the invited guest teachers compliment them brilliantly.

My daughter has been attending since they opened at Easter and her local dance teachers have commented on the change in her dancing.  The ballet that Alessia teaches is much more like the kind of ballet they would experience as part of a company and really stretches them to think for themselves and pushes them beyond in a firm but fair way.

Currently they run out of DanceWorks in London and are happy for prospective students to attend for a taster day which would also act as an audition, this costs around £28, alternatively I believe they are also offering auditions on particular days.  In September they are moving to Arts Educational School and the facilities will be excellent.

I really can't praise them enough but feel it is well worth a look for any aspiring performer/choreographer or anyone looking for a career in performing arts.

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