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Northern Broadsides - Love's Labour's Lost - The Lowry

Jan McNulty

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I saw Northern Broadsides' production of Love's Labour's Lost at the Lowry last night.


Apart from the title, I was totally unfamiliar with this particular play. I'm glad to say that it turned out to be a hoot!


The very simple set gave the impression of a warm Mediterranean place. It's amazing what a blue backcloth, some warm-looking stone and a few plants will do!


As with all Northern Broadsides' productions it was a real ensemble piece. It's about a young King and his three friends who sign up to a vow to study for three years, foresaking wine, women and song (or at least, women!). The King's plans start to go awry when he has to see the Princess of France on a matter of state and she turns up with her three friends!


There are some delicious interchanges between the characters and some very funny physical humour.


For me, unusually for Shakespeare, the end does not resolve all.


A great evening!

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