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£9 rooms at new Kings Cross Tunes (budget) hotel

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A new Tunes (budget) hotel will be opening soon in King's Cross, and they will be selling 1,000 rooms for stays between 9th July, 2012 and 28th Feb, 2013 starting today (18th April) at noon. Instead of releasing all the cheap rooms in one go, they'll be doing so in dribs and drabs between 18th and 23rd April. Moneysavingexpert.com has further details:



You can only get one room per person at this rate and bookings are non-transferrable. As well as being useful for folks attending London ballet activities etc., this hotel is very close to the Eurostar station.


Yaffa (just passing on the info - no ties to any of the above)

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Today, they released rooms for London in December (amongst other dates - see their Facebook pages for the latest). I just helped a couple of people to get £9 rooms for weekends in December, making it possible to return from Paris on the Eurostar/budget airline flight late at night after seeing the Paris Opera Ballet School demonstrations (2nd/9tth/22nd December), then going up North the following day.



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