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Royal Ballet School open Day

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I'm posting this here because I can't find the thread where it was mentioned!! So moderators feel free to lock this if can redirect to other thread.


My question is that it is coming up fairly soon bu can't remember if it was the middle of June or July!


I have a feeling the date was 14th June which is a Saturday and that you can turn up on the day but again I can't remember what time it opens/starts etc.


Can anybody help?

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Thanks Alison.

I don't suppose anyone knows that if I was to pick up the 170 bus from Clapham Junction to the terminus in Danebury Road in Roehampton how easy it is to access the park there?


It looks okay on the map but it could be that it's just a road with houses which back onto it but there isn't access there......presumably it can't be far from Roehampton Gate from Danebury Road either??


Or is it easier in the end to get the train from Clapham Junction to Mortlake.....And walk from there?

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I often carry a large notebook saying 'WANTED: White Lodge Taxi share' on the tube or train to Richmond/Mortlake station and at the station itself. Apart from connecting with some lovely ballet folks, it's been possible to save more than the cost of a pair of pointe shoes by travelling together (around £2 per person) rather than alone (around £10 per person). When the weather's been good, we've walked together and saved even more.


Shared rides/walks also work on the way back from WL, and there are usually people travelling past the station with cars. Last year, a kind and wise lady raised her voice a bit and said 'I'm travelling past Richmond station in 10 minutes with 3 spare places in my car. Does anyone want to come?' Then her friend added 'And I'll be leaving in around an hour and have a spare place.' These offers were really gratefully accepted by myself and other people who might have felt a bit uncomfortable approaching people and asking for rides.


Of course arrangements like the above can be done with apps too (happy to help if there's interest).


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I think I must have got there too late for the book signing though saw him (Steven)wandering around a few times.


After a bit of a walk from Roehampton ........well getting cut off by a stream and then eventually coming out round the back of the building ........so ended up walking further than I needed to .....I arrived just in time for the 2pm dancing which was beautifully done by all needless to say and it was great that although there were a few threatening clouds at times the weather held and it got sunnier as day went on.


I particularly enjoyed the tour of White Lodge and learning about the history of the place. Though going down all those rather steep back staircases reminded me of Alice in Wonderland!!


As soon as we walked into the magnificent Pavlova studio though I immediately wanted to take a class such a lovely space.....was reluctant to move on from there!!


I had so much wanted to go to White Lodge all those years ago as much for the boarding as for the ballet then I think but it certainly seems a cosy place now ......I loved the little shared common rooms......very comfy with Tv electric piano computers etc......I wished I was eleven all over again.......but I know it is all a serious business once you do get there so here's wishing any new pupils starting next September all the very best!!

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