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Leicester ISTD syllabus Summer School


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Hi all. In case any dancers are near ...my dd's old Dance School are running a syllabus based ss for grade 5 to advanced 1 week July 14 to 18 and primary to grade 4 during 18 Aug to 22Aug. All exam bases to prepare for exam work specifically so only good if you are doing ISTD work. Great standard and high up teachers within the ISTD. If you want further info you can pm me or call the principal direct on 07850 084797. Just tell them u saw it on here. I did ask the teacher before posting this and she is really happy if students attend who are not part of the school as long as they are already learning under the ISTD.

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What a great idea! It's a shame that the Yorkshire Assembly summer school no longer works as an RAD vocational exam 'polishing' week, I wish there was something similar to that and to your DD's old dance school, ie a syllabus based summer school, for students wanting to concentrate on RAD exam work. I get the impression that the RAD HQ exam prep courses wouldn't have that summer school feel, although I may be totally wrong.


Hoping the summer school goes reall well!

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