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Borchenko & Lebedev in London’s summer Lake

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Contrary to previous complaints about the Coliseum's lack of engagement, I did actually receive a flyer in the post yesterday for this "Ballets Russes" bill :).  It also contained a flyer for ENO's cinema broadcasts for next season, something which they are obviously getting into in a big way.

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That's the odd thing about the Coliseum. You do occasionally get flyers by post or very occasionally by e-mail advertising ballet performances. There doesn't seem to be any consistency though and I wonder whether some of these flyers come at the behest of the companies themselves. I receive flyers advertising BRB's productions at the Coliseum and I seem to remember receiving flyers about the Mikhailovsky's and Boston Ballet's performances.

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I just found a DVD of Swan lake with the same dancers here: http://shop.vendio.com/blackivory28/item/2107074420/index.html

Someone knows about this site? Is it legal?


Seems they sell a tape with the live broadcast from Mikhailovsky: http://paraclassics.com/mikhailovsky-theatre-swan-lake-tchaikovsky-ekaterina-borchenko-victor-lebedev/

Unfortunately the video streaming stops every 2 minutes...

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